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08017 The UserId, Password or Account is invalid.


Either the userid, password or account specified is not valid, or they are being used in an invalid manner or from an invalid location, or security policy was violated, and the requesting user is not allowed to log on. Security policy can block logons for the following reasons: - Mechanism restrictions. - Having a security policy, but using a client that does not support the enforcement of policy. - Trying to logon directly to the database when policy requires logon through Unity. - There was a problem in looking up the security policy.

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Correct the offending logon string, or move to a host you are authorized to use, and resubmit. If this was caused by security policy, choose a mechanism you are permitted to use, upgrade your client interface to one that supports security policy, or choose a database name that connects through Unity if you are required to do so, and try again. If the security policy is the problem, contact whoever handles security policy problems at your organization. The system log may include messages to assist them in diagnosing and remedying the problem.