Product Description: IntelliBase 2.0 - IntelliFlex Platforms

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October 2020
Product Guide

IntelliBase 2.0 provides a multi-functional compute capability with integrated storage that enables all Teradata-supported technologies in a single footprint. The IntelliBase platform delivers an enterprise-ready appliance solution for storing, managing, refining, and analyzing big data, comprised of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.

IntelliBase cabinets may contain the following:
  • Vantage nodes
  • Hadoop 5/6 nodes/clusters
  • TMS servers
  • SAS HPA worker nodes (Dell R720, R730, or R730xd) or SAS worker nodes (Dell R740xd)
  • 9400 class cabinet

In addition to nodes for IntelliBase and Hadoop, the following may be installed:

  • Aster 5 nodes/clusters
  • One Teradata 680 system
  • One Teradata 2800 system or one Teradata 2850 system (4+0 or 2+0 cliques)
  • Channel servers (for use with the 680, 2800, or 2850)
  • SAS HPA, 26 HDD TMS nodes
  • Dell R740xd-based TMSs and TMSS
  • BAR TMS + (DD6800/9300/Quantum i3), SKM for Tape Lib, ES30