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October 2020
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Configurations are single-system or multi-system. In this context, system refers to one of the following definitions:
  • Each system has a unique name.
  • A Vantage system includes all processing nodes and disk arrays associated with a single instance of Vantage.
  • Each 680, 2800, or 2850 is always a separate system.

Shared system components (collectives and cabinets, VMSs, BYNET InfiniBand switches, Server Management switches, and TMSs) are not assigned system names.

Nodes in all multi-system configurations share InfiniBand switches.

In a multi-system configuration, all systems must run the same version of SMWeb Services.

Contact Teradata Customer Support to verify which Teradata, Aster, Hadoop, and SAS HPA systems are valid in multi-system configurations, such as a Unified Data Architecture (UDA) environment.