16.10 - Begin Table Schema Definition - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Operator Programmer Guide

Parallel Transporter
May 2017
Programming Reference


Begin Table Schema Definition is the service function that starts the definition of a table schema for the operator.


#include <pxoper.h>
PXSTC_Code PX_BeginTableSchemaDefinition(
   PX_OperatorHandle  operator,
   PX_SchemaType  schemaType,
   PX_TableSchemaHandle *  tableSchemaHandle);

where the following is true:

Parameter Function Specification
operator input Instance of the operator for which the table schema is being defined.
schemaType input Schema type, which can be either:
  • PX_InputSchema
  • PX_OutputSchema
  • PX_InputOutputSchema
tableSchemaHandle output Pointer to the defined table schema.

Return Codes

The following Begin Table Schema Definition function status codes are defined by the Teradata PT operator interface.

Status Code Signifies
PXSTC_InvalidArgument One or more bad input arguments.
PXSTC_BadHandle An undefined object handle.
PXSTC_Success Successful initiation of the table schema definition.

Usage Notes

Consider the following when using the Begin Table Schema Definition function.

Topic Usage Note
Status If the function status is PXSTC_Success, the table schema handle will be stored in the location indicated by the tableSchemaHandle parameter. See also the Finalize Table Schema Definition function.