16.10 - Update Global Variable - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Operator Programmer Guide

Parallel Transporter
May 2017
Programming Reference


Update Global Variable is the service function that assigns a value to a global variable.


#include <pxoper.h>
PXSTC_Code PX_UpdateGlobalVar(PX_OperatorHandle  operator,
   PX_Name  varName,
   PX_Addr  itemBufferAddr,
   PX_Length  itemBufferSize);
   PX_Count  itemIndex,

where the following is true:

Parameter Function Specification
itemBufferAddr input Address of the buffer where the value to be assigned to the global variable is stored.
itemBufferSize input Size of the value in the item buffer.
itemIndex input Item of the global variable to be updated.

The itemIndex parameter can range from 1 to the maximum limit specified when the global variable was created.

operator input Operator handle by which the global variable is to be updated.
varName input Name of the global variable.

Return Codes

The following Update Global Variable function status codes are defined by the Teradata PT operator interface.

Status Code Signifies
PXSTC_InvalidArgument One or more bad input arguments.
PXSTC_BadHandle An undefined operator handle.
PXSTC_LengthError The length of the update value does not match the length of the global variable buffer.
PXSTC_NotEnough The global variable is too large.
PXSTC_Success A successful update access of the global variable.

Usage Notes

Consider the following when defining the Update Global Variable function.

Topic Usage Notes
Status If the function status is PXSTC_Success, the value stored at the itemBufferAddr location is assigned to the specified itemIndex of the varName global variable.
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