16.10 - Get Attribute - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Operator Programmer Guide

Parallel Transporter
May 2017
Programming Reference


Get Attribute is the service function that retrieves the value of a specific attribute associated with the operator.


#include <pxoper.h>
PXSTC_Code PX_GetAttribute(PX_OperatorHandle  operator,
   PX_AttributeName  attributeName,
   PX_AttributeValue *  attributeValue,
   PX_Length *  valueLength);

where the following is true:

Parameter Function Specification
attributeName input Name of the object attribute.
attributeValue output Retrieved value of the specified attribute.
operator input Operator handle from which the attribute is to be retrieved.
valueLength output Length of the retrieved attribute value.

Return Codes

The following Get Attribute function status codes are defined by the Teradata PT operator interface:

Status Code Signifies
PXSTC_InvalidArgument One or more bad input arguments.
PXSTC_BadHandle An undefined object handle.
PXSTC_NotFound The specified attribute was not found in the specified object.
PXSTC_Success Successful access to the specified attribute.

Usage Notes

Consider the following when defining the Get Attribute function.

Topic Usage Notes
System Attributes The following table lists the Teradata PT system attributes that you can retrieve with the Get Attributes function. See also Put Attribute.
Status The following is true, if the function status is PXSTC_Success:
  • The address of the attribute value is stored as the attributeValue parameter.
  • The valueLength parameter indicates the length of the attribute value.
Get-Accessible System Attributes
Attribute Name Data Type Data Length (in bytes) Description
SYSTEM_Code PX_Code 4 System ABEND code
SYSTEM_FilterHandle PX_FilterHandle 4 Handle of the filter object
SYSTEM_GlobalHandle PX_GlobalHandle 4 Handle of the global anchor
SYSTEM_InstanceNumber PX_Number 4 Instance number of the operator, starting from 1
SYSTEM_MaxInstances PX_Count 4 Maximum number of instances that can be created for the operator
SYSTEM_OperatorName PX_Addr 4 Address of string containing the operator name
SYSTEM_OperatorType PX_Number 4 Code indicating type of operator: producer=1, consumer=2, filter=3
SYSTEM_PhaseNumber PX_Count 4 Current processing phase number
SYSTEM_UserAreaAddr PX_Addr 4 Address of the user area