16.10 - Execute - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter Operator Programmer Guide

Parallel Transporter
May 2017
Programming Reference


Execute is a user-provided function that executes a data processing function for the operator.


#include <pxoper.h>
PXSTC_Code PX_Execute(PX_OperatorHandle  operator, PX_LongInt  phase);

where the following is true:

Parameter Function Specification
operator input Operator handle associated with the Execute function.

The operator parameter is a handle that identifies the operator that the Execute function is bound to. You can use this handle to invoke any of the Teradata PT service functions described in this chapter.

phase input Current processing phase number

Return Codes

The following Execute function status codes are defined by the Teradata PT operator interface. Define additional Execute function status codes required to support your operator.

Status Code Signifies
PXSTC_EndMethod Successful execution of the operator.
PXSTC_EndOfData End of data
PXSTC_NextPhase Proceed with the next processing phase.
PXSTC_SamePhase Continue with the current processing phase.

Usage Notes

Define additional Execute function status codes as required to support your operator.

Topic Usage Notes
Description Use the Execute function to process data row-by-row, as specified by the operator parameter. The following results occur:
  • PXSTC_EndMethod - all rows were successfully processed.
  • PXSTC_NextPhase - advance to the next phase in the same method
  • PXSTC_SamePhase - a row was successfully processed.

See also the Initiate function and the Terminate function.