15.10 - Step 1 - Identifying High Frequency - Teradata Database

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Step 1 - Identifying High Frequency

The ListErrorCodes macro gives an output of all event codes in the DBC.ErrorMsgs table. The EventCount macro lists the codes and their frequency of occurrence during the specified time period. This aids in identifying any application or transient hardware problems that do not cause restarts. For example:

3610: Internal Error, Please do not resubmit last request

means that a request was aborted and a snapshot dump taken without creating a restart. You should report a high frequency of occurrence of this event to the Teradata Support Center so that they can determine the appropriateness of requesting the site to migrate to a later software release.

If further information about these events (such as processor number, and so forth) is needed, use the ListSoftware_Event_Log or ListEvent macro to list all the occurrences of that particular event code in full detail.

For information about backtrace, examine the message log files.

The location of the event information is in log file /var/log/messages.