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Specifying Job Variables for Attribute Values

When you declare an operator attribute in an operator definition, you have the option of delay its value assignment until you run the job script that contains the operator definition. To do this, specify the attribute value as a job variable. All three attributes in the following operator attribute list are assigned values at run time via job variables:

   VARCHAR UserName = @UsrID,
   VARCHAR UserPassword = @Pwd,
   VARCHAR Tdpid = @Tdpid

The job variable reference is composed of the @ symbol, followed by a unique identifier for the variable. You can use the attribute name or any other identifier.

When a job script is submitted for execution, the first thing that happens is that the character-string value of each job variable replaces all occurrences of that job variable in the script text, just as if the value had been part of the original script text at those places. Only then is the script compiled.

Note: You can also reference a job variable for an attribute value in the APPLY statement.

Attribute Value Processing Order

Object attribute values can be assigned at several locations within the job script.

The following list shows the locations where attribute values can be assigned, in the order they are processed, from first to last. The last value processed is used in the job.


2 As part of an APPLY TO...SELECT FROM statement