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Consumer Operators

The Teradata PT consumer operators in this section read data from the data stream and write it to an external target.

The Teradata PT job script invokes a consumer operator using an APPLY statement. For further information on using SELECT to specify a producer operator, see “Coding the APPLY Statement” on page 64 and the section on APPLY in Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference.

The following table briefly describes and compares the function of each Teradata PT operator that can be used as a consumer when moving data from Teradata Database to an external data target:




Operators that Write Data to a non-Teradata Target

DataConnector Operator

Writes data to flat files and functions similarly to the DataConnector standalone utility.


  • Can write directly to an external file or through an access module.
  • Writes to files and tables in Hadoop.
  • Limitations:

  • Cannot write ZIP and GZIP files to a Hadoop/HDFS data source.
  • For details, see Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference.

    Operators that Pre-process Data before Writing to a non-Teradata Target

    FastExport OUTMOD Adapter Operator

    Uses a FastExport OUTMOD routine to pre-process data before writing it to the data target.

    For details, see Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference.