15.10 - Initialization Errors - Parallel Transporter

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Initialization Errors

Initialization errors occur when the Teradata PT infrastructure processes the schemas and operator definitions prior to executing the APPLY statement in a job step.

Error Case 13: Mismatched Schema


The schema in the DEFINE SCHEMA statement does not match the schema defined in the SQL statement in the APPLY statement.

Corrective Action:

1 Compare the schema definition, the schema called by each operator, and the schema of the data source/target schema to determine the cause of the mismatch.

2 Correct the schema definition and/or the schemas specified by the operators, as required to correct the problem.

3 Re-launch the job.

Error Case 14: Invalid Attribute Specification

One or more attributes in a DEFINE OPERATOR statement are specified incorrectly or have invalid values.


Scripting error.

Corrective Action:

Review the job script operator definitions and check attribute specifications against the related chapter in Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference.