15.10 - Encryption - Parallel Transporter

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All Teradata PT operators that interface with the Teradata Database have the option to encrypt job data during transmission across the network. The data is then decrypted and checked for integrity when it is received by the Teradata Database. Encryption is only available for network-attached clients.

The following operators support data encryption:

  • DDL
  • Export
  • Load
  • SQL Inserter
  • SQL Selector
  • Stream
  • Update
  • Set the DataEncryption attribute to ‘On’ to enable encryption. The default setting is ‘Off.’ Encryption can also be set in an APPLY statement and as a job variable.

    Note: Encryption may result in a noticeable decrease in load/unload performance due to the time required to encrypt, decrypt, and verify the data, especially when the job involves the processing of very large quantities of data. Take care to encrypt data only when the security benefit is likely to outweigh the performance cost.