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Data Acquisition Errors

Data acquisition errors occur while the consumer is receiving data from the producer. They include the following common error types:

  • Unexpected extra column
  • Delimited data error
  • Data type error
  • Data size error
  • Error Case 15: Unexpected Extra Column


    The schema in the DEFINE SCHEMA statement does not match the schema of the data source/target.

    Corrective Action:

    1 Compare the schema definition, the schema called by each operator, and the schema of the data source/target schema to determine the cause of the mismatch.

    2 Correct the schema definition and/or the schemas specified by the operators, as required to correct the problem.

    3 Re-launch the job.

    Error Case 16: Delimited Data Errors

    When using the DataConnector operator to extract delimited data, errors may occur if the escape character is not defined. Since there is no default escape character, use the DataConnector operator EscapeTextDelimiter optional attribute to define the escape character. If not provided, the TextDelimiter attribute defaults to the pipe character ( | ).