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TWB_STATUS Performance Metadata

TWB_STATUS private log captures job performance data at different stages of the job. These stages, also known as operator processing methods, include the following:

  • initialization of operators (INITIATE method)
  • data acquisition performed by the operators (EXECUTE method)
  • checkpoint processing (CHECKPOINT method)
  • restart processing (RESTART method)
  • termination of operators (TERMINATE method)
  • By default, Teradata PT collects performance data for each instance of the operator at the beginning and end of each method. Teradata PT also provides a tbuild command option for specifying the interval (in seconds) for collecting performance data.

    The performance data can be viewed as a relational table, which contains the following fields:

  • The name of the job step
  • The name of the operator
  • Instance number
  • Start time of a method
  • End time of a method
  • CPU utilization (in seconds) for a method
  • Number of buffers transferred since the beginning of data acquisition
  • Number of rows sent (or received) by the instance since the beginning of data acquisition
  • This information is useful for evaluating the performance of a job in terms of throughput and the cost of exporting and loading of data by each operator. It is also useful for capacity planning by collecting the performance data for a period of time, summarizing the CPU utilization and elapsed time for each job, and then determining the trend of performance for the overall loading and exporting processes for a specific system configuration.