15.10 - Sending Operational Metadata to Unity Ecosystem Manager - Parallel Transporter

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Unity Ecosystem Manager is the monitoring and control facility for a variety of Dual Active Solutions. The users of this facility include Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) users or anyone who needs to monitor and control processes including, but not limited to, Teradata Load and Unload Utilities, Teradata SQL, ETL tools, and Teradata Database.

To integrate with Unity Ecosystem Manager, Teradata PT has been enhanced to collect operational metadata and event data from operators. To do this, Teradata PT obtains the Unit of Work ID (UOW ID) from Unity Ecosystem Manager for a job, and sends it to Unity Ecosystem Manager using the send event interface. By default, a Teradata PT job sends events to Unity Ecosystem Manager as long as Unity Ecosystem Manager is active. If Unity Ecosystem Manager is not active, the job runs without sending events to Unity Ecosystem Manager. For more information about the send event interface, see the Unity Ecosystem Manager Event System API Reference.

Teradata PT allows the following Teradata PT operators, which can be regarded as resource types from the Unity Ecosystem Manager point of view, to be monitored:


Table 18: Unity Ecosystem Manager Resource Types and Teradata PT Operators

Unity Ecosystem Manager Predefined Resource Types

Teradata PT Operators


Export Operator


Update Operator


Load Operator


Stream Operator


Schema Mapping Operator

Simple ETL process monitoring tracks a process from the start to the end. A process can include multiple steps, each of which represents an activity or event to be monitored. For example, a Teradata PT load job can be regarded as such a process.

Unity Ecosystem Manager requires the following Teradata PT flow:

1 Obtain a system-generated UOW ID from Unity Ecosystem Manager for a Teradata PT job.

2 Send a “start” event to Unity Ecosystem Manager along with the UOW ID.

3 (Option) Send one or more “step” events to Unity Ecosystem Manager along with the UOW ID.

4 Send an “end” event to Unity Ecosystem Manager along with the UOW ID.