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Array Type Template Attributes

A small number of operator attributes can be declared to be either of ARRAY (multi-valued) type or non-array (single-valued) type. For example, the Update operator has an attribute called QueryBandSessInfo that can be declared either as

VARCHAR ARRAY QueryBandSessInfo, 


VARCHAR QueryBandSessInfo

Since only one form of this declaration can be in the $UPDATE template, the ARRAY form is the one declared in the template:

VARCHAR ARRAY QueryBandSessInfo = @UpdateQueryBandSessInfo 

and if job variable QueryBandSessInfo has been assigned an array of values, there is agreement between type and number of values. If UpdateQueryBandSessInfo has been assigned a single value without array brackets, however, Teradata PT adds array brackets to the value, creating a one-element array to prevent a type mismatch between the attribute and its singular value.

All attributes that can have either an ARRAY or a scalar declaration are declared with the ARRAY form in their templates.