15.10 - JCL Samples - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter User Guide

Parallel Transporter
User Guide

A sample JCL is included with the SAMPLIB dataset to execute the job script examples. It is member PT$TPTAL. It contains the Teradata PT cataloged procedure inline and has a jobstep for each script example.

The z/OS datasets are unconditionally deleted and reallocated for this sample job. This allows repeated execution without any user intervention. User intervention would not be desirable for most production scenarios.

The use of the mainframe specific -S parameter lists the public and private logs.

There are several changes necessary for proper execution of the job.

  • The JOB statement must be modified to conform to your installation's requirements.
  • The TTUPREF SET statement must be changed to the installation dataset PREFIX.
  • Another sample JCL, member PT$TPT01 (identical to PT$TPTAL), executes one sample script.