15.10 - Chapter 14 Operational Metadata - Parallel Transporter

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Operational metadata are data that describe the operational aspects of job execution. From Teradata PT point of view, operational metadata specifically refers to data that describe all aspects of operations, activities, timing and events, performance, and statistics that are associated with Teradata PT jobs executed in the data warehousing environment.

Topics include:

  • Metadata Types
  • Viewing Metadata
  • Example Metadata Log Output
  • Exporting and Loading Metadata
  • Analyzing Job Metadata
  • Sending Operational Metadata to Unity Ecosystem Manager
  • By default, Teradata PT collects the basic types of metadata such as performance and statistical data for each instance of each operator at the beginning and end of each processing phase, which includes operator initialization, data acquisition, data application to target tables, and operator termination. There are three types of operational metadata collected and stored in the Teradata PT job log.