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Parallel Transporter
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The following changes were made to this book in support of the current release. Changes since the last publication are marked with change bars. For a complete list of changes to the product, see the Teradata Tools and Utilities Release Definition associated with this release.

Some new functions and features for the current release of Teradata PT might not be documented in this manual. New Teradata PT features and functions are also documented in the other manuals listed in “Additional Information” on page 5.


Date and Release


March 2015

TPT Wizard JDBC query (connection string) to dbc views to retrieve dbs info (to config a job) is unencrypted.

Consistency with formatting of command, parameter, and attribute names.

Update Teradata Multi-System Manager (TMSM) references to Unity Ecosystem Manager.

Document the max size of the TPT jobname.

Request TPT record count threshold to RowErrFileName to trigger Failure when reached.

DOC-ONLY: Move documentation of TPT "tptvalidate.ksh" usage from TPT Guides to TTU Install User Guide(s).

DOC-ONLY: Need to provide more clarity for $INSERT macro.

DOC-ONLY:Add/Update tdload related documentation to indicate how non-tdload-specific job attributes may be passed.

DOC ONLY:remove all references to “Teradata Warehouse Builder (Teradata WB) in all TPT docs.

DOC-ONLY: Improve TPT documentation as it relates to discussions on load "tasks" and load "slots".

DOC-ONLY: Document "Failed to lookup account administrators" message in the TPT User Guide.