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Operator Definition in a Teradata PT Job Script

Teradata PT operators must be defined in the declarative section of a job script, using a DEFINE OPERATOR statement.

Use the following procedure when defining an operator in a Teradata PT job script.

1 For DEFINE OPERATOR statement syntax, see Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference.

2 Specify the required syntax elements:

  • The operator name (a maximum of 255 characters with no spaces) is the name by which the job steps reference the operator.
  • The operator TYPE, for example LOAD or UPDATE.
  • The schema name, which can be either:
  • The name of a predefined schema object
  • A deferred schema specification, using SCHEMA *
  • An explicit schema definition that includes all of the column definitions
  • Note: Standalone operators do not extract/load data, so they do not specify a schema.

  • The declaration of all the attributes required by the operator with the associated values. All mandatory attributes must have values associated with them in the DEFINE OPERATOR statement.
  • For attribute definitions and syntax, see Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference.

  • The declaration of any optional attributes that are meaningful to the operator with the optional assignment of values.
  • Note: An optional operator description, which can be defined in a Teradata PT job script after the operator name is defined, provides a short description of the operator to differentiate it from other operators of the same type. For instance, you may define several Load operators that are each configured to do a unique type of load job.