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Pipeline Parallelism

Teradata PT pipeline parallelism is achieved by connecting operator instances through data streams during a single job.

Figure 2 shows:

  • An export operator on the left that extracts data from a data source and writes it to the data stream.
  • A filter operator extracts data from the data stream, processes it, then writes it to another data stream.
  • A load operator starts writing data to a target as soon as data is available from the data stream.
  • All three operators, each running its own process, can operate independently and concurrently.

    As the shows, data sources and destinations for Teradata PT jobs can include:

  • Databases (both relational and non-relational)
  • Database servers
  • Data storage devices, such as tapes or DVD readers
  • File objects, such as images, pictures, voice, and text
  • Figure 2: Teradata PT Pipeline Parallelism