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Task 2: Launch a Teradata PT Easy Loader Job


Follow these steps to launch a Teradata PT Easy Loader job.

1 In a Command window, navigate to the directory where your data file is stored.

2 Enter the tdload command at the command prompt. For example:

tdload -f filename -u username -p password -h tdpid -t tablename

3 The screen will display the Job Id for the load job.


The following tdload command loads data from the emp_data.txt file into the Tables_Database.Employee table. The name of the load job is EmpLoadJob.

tdload -f emp_data.txt -u dbadmin -p pw123 -h tdat1 -t employee -d ''|'' --TargetWorkingDatabase Tables_Database EmpLoadJob


The following example uses the empload_jobvars job variables file that this example assumes has specified all job options associated with the Teradata PT Easy Loader job in Example 1 above. Using the -j option eliminates the need to type the options when executing tdload.

tdload -j empload_jobvars.txt

Sample Flat File

The following shows the contents of a flat file with data in delimited format. The delimiter character is the pipe(''|''). Teradata PT Easy Loader can only load a delimited format flat file.

The schema of this file matches the schema of the Teradata Employee table used in the other Teradata PT job examples.

10001|John Smith|93000.00|1954-10-21|Sr. Software Engineer|100|Y|5
10002|Mary Knotts|45000.00|1974-09-13|Secretary|100|Y|1
10005|Keith Muller|85000.00|1972-06-09|Sr. Software Engineer|100|Y|3
10021|David Crane|65000.00|1966-10-02|Technical Writer|101|Y|2
10022|Richard Dublin|60000.00|1965-03-19|Software Engineer|100|N|0
10023|Kelly 0'Toole|65000.00|1955-04-08|Software Tester|102|N|2
10024|Brett Jackson|75000.00|1962-04-08|Software Engineer|100|Y|2
10025|Erik Wickman|79000.00|1965-03-08|Software Engineer|100|N|2