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Job Example 9: Active Directory Scan

Job Objective:

Periodically scan for transactional data files that continuously appear in two directories. Read the data from each new file and use it to perform updates on Teradata Database table(s).

For strategies on how to set up this job, see “Active Directory Scan: Continuous Loading of Transactional Data” on page 224 and the DataConnector Operator chapter in Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference.

Data Flow Diagrams

Figure 33 shows a flow diagram of the elements in Job Example 9.

Figure 33: Job Example PTS00015 -- Active Directory Scan

Sample Script

For the sample script that corresponds to this job, see the following script in the sample/userguide directory:

PTS00015: Active Directory Scan.


This job uses:

  • DataConnector operator because it is the only producer operator that can scan a directory periodically for new files and extract data from only the files that are new since the previous scan.
  • Stream operator because it is the only operator that can perform continuous updates of Teradata Database tables.