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Avoiding the Data Mart‑Centric Approach

Data marts can have a place in a well-designed data warehouse, but not when they are designed as dead ends for user information searches or they cannot meet the needs of your users. Both the data junkyard and the data basement are examples of data mart-centric strategies, and both are doomed to failure.

You are probably asking yourself “If this approach to warehousing is so counterproductive, why do so many vendors and data warehousing guides recommend it?” The answer to this question is fairly simple: vendors recommend these approaches because the products they are selling are incapable of performing at the levels required to do true data warehousing. Authors recommend these approaches because they are only experienced using systems whose deficiencies require data mart-centric design in order to perform at all.

An effective data warehouse is not only not data mart-centric, it is a foundation for any information analyses that can be made within the enterprise.