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Table Sizing Summary

The following list reviews the principal points to remember about estimating the table space requirements for your new database.

  • Accurate estimates require accurate base data. The minimum base data required for these estimates are the following.
  • Cardinalities (or anticipated cardinalities) of your tables
  • Row size estimates
  • Remember that all row lengths must be an even number of bytes (see “Byte Alignment” on page 770), so be sure to take this into account.

  • Estimate sizes for all the following database objects.
  • Base tables
  • Base table fallback tables (when defined)
  • LOB and XML subtables
  • Secondary indexes
  • Secondary index fallback tables (when defined)
  • Hash indexes
  • Hash index fallback tables (when defined)
  • Join indexes (including any secondary indexes defined on them)
  • Join index fallback tables (when defined)
  • Spool space
  • Stored procedures