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Target Level Emulation

A related facility, Target Level Emulation, permits you to capture the environmental cost data and dynamic AMP sampled statistics of a production system and then analyze various queries and query workloads in a test environment that emulates your production system.

See SQL Request and Transaction Processing and Teradata System Emulation Tool User Guide for more information on this tool.

Related Topics

For additional performance-related information about how to use the plan reports produced by the EXPLAIN request modifier to optimize the performance of your databases, consult the following books.




  • Where the data reported by explaining an SQL request comes from.
  • Meaning of the more commonly used EXPLAIN text phrases and the structure of the Query Capture Database tables.
  • SQL Request and Transaction Processing

    Syntax for the EXPLAIN request modifier, information about its use, and examples.

    SQL Data Manipulation Language

  • How the Teradata Visual Explain utility displays Optimizer white tree information symbolically rather than textually.
  • How the white tree information is captured in the Teradata Query Capture Database, how to administer the Query Capture Database, and how to use the utility to compare different plans for the same SQL request by varying the physical database design and index usage.
  • Option for comparing different plans textually as well as graphically.
  • Teradata Visual Explain User Guide

    How to use the Teradata System Emulation Tool (TSET) to vary and test various database object definitions, statistics, cost parameters, and cost profiles on a test machine before exporting the final definitions to a production system.

    Teradata System Emulation Tool User Guide