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Rules for Using the Spool Space Equations

When using the spool space equations, keep the following rules in mind:

  • The equations are based on the following variables.
  • Number of rows in the spool file
  • Amount of data in each row
  • Mode of select operation (Field or Record)
  • The equations only determine the space needed to return rows to the user.
  • Response rows are limited to approximately 64,000 bytes.
  • If the row is longer, a row length error is reported.

  • Even if an ORDER BY clause is not included, the system creates a minimum length sort key of 8 bytes for both Record mode and Field mode select operations.
  • All descriptions of CHARACTER columns also apply to BYTE columns.
  • Be sure the NF, CF, SCF, and RDS values represent the sums of all selected or sorted columns. For example, a FORMAT phrase can cause blanks to be added, which must be figured into the total column length.