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Sizing Databases, Users, and Profiles

Underestimating space requirements for databases, users, and profiles leads to performance problems. This is because Teradata Database requires free disk cylinders to enable the growth of permanent, temporary, and spool space as well as to enable the growth of permanent journal tables.

Remember that none of these tables can share cylinders when you make your permanent, temporary, and spool disk space assignments.

The best practice for the initial sizing of the disk space required by a database, user, or profile is to make a good estimate of the space these will require when a database, user, or profile is created, and then to modify those assignments at a later time using MODIFY DATABASE, MODIFY USER, or MODIFY PROFILE requests as appropriate.

You should always consider the following disk space requirements when making disk space assignments for databases, users, and profiles.


Teradata Database requires this type of disk space …

For …


materializing volatile tables.


materializing global temporary tables.

To materialize global temporary tables, temporary space must have enough empty disk cylinders to contain their rows.