15.00 - Requirements Analysis - Teradata Database

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Requirements Analysis

Any design process must begin with the knowledge of what is to be designed. This includes not only the proposed morphology of the end product but also the systems, policies, and procedures - the processes - of the designed product.

This fundamental knowledge is derived through a process of accumulating facts about what the eventual users of the product require to do their work in support of the enterprise. The process includes, at minimum, the following tasks:

  • Interviewing notable employees, both management and support staff, for information such as the following:
  • What information do they need?
  • What is the source of that information?
  • What are the tasks involved with creating and reporting the information?
  • How is the information used?
  • Gathering all input screens and reports generated by the legacy system and interviewing management and support staff about what is right and wrong about these components as well as determining what sorts of new or different input and report items should be added to the new system.
  • Compiling and circulating the cumulative research information you have gathered to obtain affirmation of its accuracy from all involved parties.
  • Writing a requirements specification from the approved research information and making it available to the designer of the logical database.