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Information Recorded in the Domains Form

The Domains form records the following information about each domain:


Information Recorded



Page of the Extended Logical Data Model to which this domain pertains.


Name of the system on which this domain is defined.

Domain Name

Name of the domain.

This is often the same name as the UDT corresponding to the domain.

Domain Description

Full text description of the domain.

Data Type

Encoded data type for the domain (see “Data Type Codes” on page 139).

You must create your own encodings for UDTs if you use them to define your domains.

Max Bytes

Maximum number of bytes a column value drawn from this domain can occupy in disk storage.

Note that the number of bytes per character does not necessarily map 1:1 to the number of characters defined for the column by the defined data type. Multibyte character sets are often represented by multiple bytes per single character, and you must account for this information when filling out the Domains form.

Print Format

Representation of the FORMAT clause (if any) used in the definition of columns drawn from this domain.

Constraint #

Constraint number (as recorded on the Constraints form) that applies to this domain, if any.