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Determining Available User Table Data Space

To determine available user table data space, you must take several nonuser table data space allotments into account.

First you must determine how much space these allotments account for and then you must subtract them from the total available table space.

The nonuser table space allotments that must be accounted for are those in the following list.

  • Overhead space, including space reserved for allocation maps and related statistics.
  • Depot area, which includes cylinders reserved as a staging area for modified‑in‑place data blocks before they are written to their home disk destinations.
  • Note: Data blocks that are not modified in place are not written to the depot area.

  • Tables area, which includes the following.
  • Data Dictionary (for the WAL log and system tables)
  • Crashdumps user
  • User temporary space
  • User spool space
  • The following topics describe specific space requirements and provide equations with which to determine variable space requirements.