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Estimating Administrative Spool Space Requirements

As with PERM space, spool space is allocated from the available space of the owning user. The SPOOL specification in the CREATE request is only a maximum limit.

During query processing, spool space is dynamically allocated from any free space, including the free PERM space of the user who submitted the query.

In general, the following guidelines apply.

  • Reserve 25% to 35% of total space for spool space and spool growth buffer.
  • When you create user SysAdmin, you can leave the SPOOL parameter unspecified, so it defaults to the maximum allocation of the owning user, user DBC.

  • Allow an extra 5% of PERM space in user DBC.
  • Each time a new user or database is created, you can specify the maximum amount of spool space that a query submitted by that user can consume.
  • Details and formulas for estimating user spool space requirements are provided in “Tables Area: User Spool Space Requirements” on page 887, “Rules for Using the Spool Space Equations” on page 887, “Field Mode Spool Space Sizing Equation” on page 887, and “Record and Indicator Mode Spool Space Sizing Equation” on page 888.