16.20 - File Controls - Basic Teradata Query

Basic Teradata Query Reference

Basic Teradata Query
October 2018
Programming Reference

The following commands control identification of files used for taking input in the form of instructions and imported data records and then producing output in the form of tabular reports, meta results and exported data records.

BTEQ Command Function
ERROROUT This control enables users to specify which output stream BTEQ is to use for writing error messages.
EXPORT This control enables users to specify the name, format and attributes of an export file that BTEQ uses to store records resulting from data-returning SQL requests.
IMPORT This control enables users to specify a file and its format, from which to process the record data for USING modifiers of subsequent SQL requests.

Specifies the name of a file to which BTEQ is to redirect the contents that would normally get sent to the standard output stream.

RUN Processes the SQL requests and BTEQ commands from the specified run file instead of stdin or a run file currently being processed.