16.20 - Displaying Run File Results - Basic Teradata Query

Basic Teradata Query Reference

Basic Teradata Query
October 2018
Programming Reference

Depending on the configuration of the SYSPRINT specification, BTEQ either displays the results on the user terminal or writes them to the specified file:

.LOGON fml, 
*** Logon successfully completed.
*** Total elapsed time was 3 seconds.
SELECT * FROM department;
*** Query completed. 5 rows found. 4 columns returned.
*** Total elapsed time was 3 seconds.
DeptNo   DeptName      Loc  MgrNo
------   ------------  ---  -----
   500   Engineering   ATL  10012
   700   Marketing     NYC  10021
   300   Exec Office   NYC  10018
   600   Manufacturing CHI  10007
   100   Admin         NYC  10011
*** You are now logged off from the DBC.
*** Encountered EOF on RUN file. Returning to stdin.
For short jobs, it might be advantageous to execute a run file interactively and display the results on a terminal screen. For longer jobs, it might be better for BTEQ to write the results to a SYSPRINT file. In the latter cases, it is necessary to define a SYSPRINT file as a valid ddname using a z/OS DD statement before executing the RUN command.