16.20 - Interrupting User Input - Basic Teradata Query

Basic Teradata Query Reference

Basic Teradata Query
October 2018
Programming Reference

To cancel a request that is currently being typed, use the single-break function. That is, when making an interactive request and it becomes necessary to cancel the request, user input can be interrupted before the request is submitted.

Most BTEQ platforms respond with the following messages:

*** BREAK event detected.
*** Input buffer reset. Type ‘.QUIT’ to exit.

For Linux, Mac OS X platforms, and BTEQWIN, an interrupt is detected only when Enter is pressed after a break is entered. Use the following steps to activate an interrupt:

  1. Press the Break key.

    BTEQ displays the following message:

    *** BREAK event detected. Press <ENTER>.
  2. Press the Enter key.

    When the interrupt is detected, BTEQ displays the following message:

    *** Input buffer reset. Type ‘.QUIT’ to exit.

After a request is submitted, the processing of the request can be interrupted using the Break key. A BTEQ command, which is limited to a single line, is submitted after Enter is pressed. An SQL statement can contain multiple lines, and is submitted when a semicolon terminates the request and Enter is pressed.