16.20 - HELP BTEQ - Basic Teradata Query

Basic Teradata Query Reference

Basic Teradata Query
October 2018
Programming Reference


Returns a list of all available BTEQ commands and non-graphic representations of their syntax. When a BTEQ command is specified, an individual syntax and purpose statement are displayed.


Usage Notes

The HELP BTEQ command provides accurate spelling and syntax for all BTEQ commands. Optionally, the HELP BTEQ command can be used for a particular BTEQ command. For example, HELP BTEQ <cmd>, where <cmd> is any BTEQ command, will give the help content for that command only. The HELP BTEQ command is not suppressed by the QUIET command.

The HELP BTEQ display uses the following characters to represent the command syntax in a non-graphic format:

  • Brackets, [ ] indicate optional choices that can be omitted.
  • Braces, { } indicate required choices, one of which must be stated.
  • A vertical bar | separates different values for options.
  • Uppercase characters represent reserved words that must be specified exactly as shown.
  • Lowercase characters represent required, user-supplied values.

The HELP BTEQ command is valid in a Teradata SQL macro.

Example 1 – HELP BTEQ

To request help, type:


BTEQ Response

BTEQ is a general-purpose utility which enables the user to submit 
Teradata SQL queries to the Teradata Database; it formats the results and 
returns them to the screen, file, or printer.

Example 2 – HELP BTEQ instigated by a macro

The HELP BTEQ command in a Teradata SQL macro appears as: