16.20 - LOGONPROMPT - Basic Teradata Query

Basic Teradata Query Reference

Basic Teradata Query
October 2018
Programming Reference


This control enables users to specify whether prompts and warnings related to conventional LOGON command use is to be bypassed.

The LOGONPROMPT command works only when running BTEQ on workstation-attached systems. It enables the following features:
  • Optional use of the LOGON command before submitting SQL
  • Suppression of the prompt to qualify userid and password information for the LOGON command


where the following is true:

BTEQ does not prompt for logon string values when the user specifies a LOGON command without specifying a user name.

If no option is specified, BTEQ sets LOGONPROMPT to OFF.

Prompts for userid and, or password values are given during interactive LOGON command use.

SQL statement cannot be issued before establishing a session.

This is the initial default value.

Usage Notes

If LOGONPROMPT is set to OFF, the LOGON command must be fully qualified for a user to supply a conventional logon string.

When the LOGONPROMPT setting is OFF, the following can be issued before establishing a session:

  • SQL statement
  • = command
  • REPEAT command

After the specifies the command or statement, BTEQ begins establishing the session by using the default tdpid and validating the logon string information before it submits the command or statement for processing.

Note that setting LOGONPROMPT to OFF is sometimes not going to be sufficient for suppressing all unnecessary prompts when using Windows BTEQ. You may also need to instruct CLI to suppress its generation of what is known as its GUILOGON dialog box.

This can be accomplished by setting the environment variable GUILOGON to NO.