16.20 - Notation Conventions - Basic Teradata Query

Basic Teradata Query Reference

Basic Teradata Query
October 2018
Programming Reference
Item Definition/Comments
Letter An uppercase or lowercase alphabetic character ranging from A through Z.
Number A digit ranging from 0 through 9.

Do not use commas when typing a number with more than 3 digits.

Word Keywords with variables.
  • UPPERCASE LETTERS represent a keyword.

    Syntax diagrams show all keywords in uppercase, unless operating system restrictions require them to be in lowercase.

  • lowercase italic letters represent a variable such as a column or table name.

    Substitute the variable with a proper value.

  • lowercase bold letters represent an excerpt from the diagram. The excerpt is defined immediately following the diagram that contains it.

  • UNDERLINED LETTERS represent the value assumed by default when no other value is given. This applies to both uppercase and lowercase words.
Spaces Use one space between items such as keywords or variables.
Punctuation Type all punctuation exactly as it appears in the diagram.