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Teradata® AppCenter Python SDK User Guide

Teradata AppCenter
September 2020
Programming Reference
User Guide
  1. Use the following sample Docker file to build the Docker image for your custom app:
    FROM python:3.5-alpine
    COPY teradata-appcenter-python-sdk-2.0.0+latest.tar.gz .
    COPY .
    RUN apk add --update python3
    RUN pip3 install teradata-appcenter-python-sdk-2.0.0+latest.tar.gz
    CMD [ "python3", "" ]

    Each tag value is the name of a visualization configuration for the app and identifies a unique visualization associated with that app. Multiple tags must be a comma-separated list of whole words with no trailing or leading blank spaces. Using the example Docker file, AppCenter automatically adds two visualizations to the settings. One visualization is named query1, and the other is named query2. For each visualization setting, you select the visualization type and format.

    For example:
    app-vis-Visualization Settings Example

    When you run this app, AppCenter generates the following sankey and bar visualizations:

    sankey sankey Visualization Example

    bar Visualization Example