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Teradata Database SQL Functions, Operators, Expressions, and Predicates

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This appendix describes the notation conventions used in this book.

This book uses three conventions to describe the SQL syntax and code:




Syntax diagrams

Describes SQL syntax form, including options.

For details, see “Syntax Diagram Conventions” on page 1365.

Square braces in the text

Represent options. The indicated parentheses are required when you specify options.

For example:

  • DECIMAL [(n[,m])] means the decimal data type can be defined optionally:
  • without specifying the precision value n or scale value m
  • specifying precision (n) only
  • specifying both values (n,m)
  • You cannot specify scale without first defining precision.

  • CHARACTER [(n)] means that use of (n) is optional.
  • The values for n and m are integers in all cases.

    Japanese character code shorthand notation

    Represent unprintable Japanese characters.

    For details, see “Character Shorthand Notation Used In This Book” on page 1370.

    Symbols from the predicate calculus are also used occasionally to describe logical operations. For details, see “Predicate Calculus Notation Used In This Book” on page 1372.