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Teradata Database SQL Functions, Operators, Expressions, and Predicates

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Changes to This Book




Teradata Database 15.0
October 2015

Added compatibility information for Calendar functions. Original function names from Release 13.10 were changed in Release 14.0.

Teradata Database 15.0
July 2015

Made minor changes to the OREPLACE, REGEXP_SPLIT_TO_TABLE, and NEXT_DAY sections.

Teradata Database 15.0
June 2014

Changed the SQL-H product name to Teradata QueryGrid: Teradata Database-to-Hadoop.

Removed the LOAD_FROM_HCATALOG table operator section, which is now in the Teradata QueryGrid: Teradata Database-to-Hadoop user guide.

Teradata Database 15.0
April 2014

Pointed users to Teradata JSON for a description of the JSON constructor function.

Documented JSON_COMPRESS and JSON_DECOMPRESS functions.

Added documentation for TD_LZ_COMPRESS and TD_LZ_DECOMPRESS functions.

Documented the TD_DBQLParam function.

Added new macros and notes for generating Ferret SHOWBLOCKS-like file system information output to database tables: CreateFsysInfoTable and PopulateFsysInfoTable.

Added a section on using Cogroups for table operators.

Documented the SCRIPT table operator.

Added a chapter on script installation procedures.

Updated descriptive text for the TS_DECOMPRESS examples in the Compression/Decompression chapter.