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Teradata® DSA - DSE for IBM Spectrum Protect Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Extensions
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September 2020
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English (United States)
PrerequisiteThe DSC and ClientHandler packages must already be installed.
This access module is not applicable when using a disk file system as a target device.
DSA Package Installation Directory Notes
AXMS3 base_dir/teradata/client/version/dsa You can specify the directory as base_dir.
Do not use / or /usr as the installation directory. The permissions for the specified directory will be modified so that the service user can access the directory.
  1. On the server, unzip and extract the rpm file:
    tar zxvf AXMS3_slesxx_arch.xx.xx.xx.xx-######.tar.gz

    where slesxx is the OS, arch is the architecture, xx.xx.xx.xx is the version number, and ###### is a unique number

    A directory with the format AXMS3.xx is extracted in the current working directory.
  2. Run the installation script from the extracted directory.
    ./ -r AXMS3-xx.xx.xx.xx-######
  3. Log off and log back in to the server to set the Linux environment variables.
PostrequisiteInstall any other needed access module. If the access modules are all installed, go to Installing the BARCmdline Package.