16.10 - DSA Package Names - Data Stream Utility

Data Stream Utility Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Utility
August 2017

The following table lists the software packages and dependencies for each DSA component, plus a summary of component functionality.

DSC, ClientHandler, BARCmdline, and BARPortlets must be on the same version.
Software Package Name Dependencies Description
DSC-version Teradata-Jdk7 The Data Stream Controller (DSC) controls BAR operations and enables communication between DSMain, the BAR portlets, and the DSA Network Client.
ClientHandler-version None ClientHandler is the base package for DSU and DSE, and handles communication to the targets of backup and restore jobs that are remote from the Teradata Database nodes.
BARCmdline-version None The DSA command-line interface provides an alternative to the BAR portlets, allowing job creation, launch, monitoring, and scheduling and providing commands to configure DSA.
BARPortlets-version Viewpoint software The BAR Setup portlet allows you to designate the hardware and software to use when backing up your Teradata Database.

The BAR Operations portlet allows you to create, manage, and submit jobs.

AXMDDBoost-version ClientHandler AXMDDBoost is an access module that is only required for EMC Data Domain targets.
AXMS3-version ClientHandler AXMS3 is an access module you can install for Amazon S3 targets.
AXMAzure-version ClientHandler AXMAzure is an access module you can install for Microsoft Azure targets.
DSAPostDeployer-version None Contains a script, modify_dsc_name.sh, and a jar file, dsa-post-deployer.jar. These are used to update the DSC name in the repository.
DSAPostAMQ-version tdactivemq 5.13.1 Contains one script, tdactivemq_wrapper.py. This script configures tdactivemq for use.

Version numbers for DSA software packages are displayed in a xx.xx.xx.xx-xxxxxx format, for example, DSC-