16.10 - Migrating the Data from TVME 14.10 - Data Stream Utility

Data Stream Utility Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Utility
August 2017
  1. Copy the following files created and saved from the backup process to the directory where DSA is installed, install path/dsa.
    • export_repository_backup_config.xml
    • repository_config_system.xml
  2. To import the initial DSC repository configurations, enter: dsc import_repository_backup_config –f export_repository_backup_config.xml
  3. If SSL is enabled for this system, go to the next step. If SSL is not enabled, follow these steps:
    1. Enter: dsc config_systems -f repository_config_system.xml
    2. Restart DSMain on the DSC repository as indicated in the warning message.
    3. Enter: dsc enable_component -n dsc_repository_system_name -t SYSTEM
    4. Enter: dsc enable_component -n dsc_repository_target_group_name –t TARGET_GROUP
    5. Restart the ClientHandler.
  4. After SSL is enabled for this system, do these steps in the BAR Setup portlet:
    1. From the CATEGORIES list, click Systems and Nodes and select the repository.
    2. Select the Enable SSL over JMS Communication checkbox and enter the TrustStore password.
    3. Click Apply and enter the credentials when prompted.
    4. Restart DSMain on the DSC repository system as indicated in the warning message.
    5. After DSMain has restarted, click Enable in the BAR Setup portlet.
    6. From the CATEGORIES list, click Media Servers, select the media server used for repository backup, and click Apply. This activates the media server in the background.
  5. To recover saveset information and recreate the backup job, enter: dsc recover_backup_metadata -n repository_target_group
  6. Enter this command: dsc list_recover_backup_metadata -n repository_target_group Wait until the status is COMPLETED before continuing to the next step.
  7. To restore the repository, enter: dsc run_repository_job -t restore Additional parameters: [Optional] -v BackupVersion Backup version number, enter 0 for latest save set. [Optional] -n Name Name of the target group for the restore.
  8. After the restore repository job is complete, perform a tpareset on the DSC repository database.