16.10 - Installing Software on the DSC Server - Data Stream Utility

Data Stream Utility Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Utility
August 2017

The DSC server can be a managed storage server or a VM. This procedure only applies to a managed storage server recovery.

The following procedure installs SLES package and other updates. It does not install DSA software.

  1. Start PUT.
  2. In the main screen, select Install/Upgrade Software and click Next.
  3. In the Configuration Mode screen, select Typical and click Next.
  4. In Network Subnet Selection, select (LOOPBACK) and click Next.
  5. In Select Nodes, verify that the node name in the Selected list is localhost (LINUX), and click Next. If a warning message appears, click Ignore.
  6. In the System Information Warning screen, click Next.
  7. If the System Check Found Problems screen appears, verify that there are no issues that need attention (or correct any issues that need correcting), and click Ignore.
  8. Accept the default selection in the Select Spool Area for Linux Nodes screen and click Next.
  9. In the Enter Source for New Packages screen, enter or select the path /var/opt/teradata/ccnumber/pkgs and click Next.
  10. In the Media Source Confirmation screen, enter or select the source for the new package and click Next.
  11. In the Group Nodes screen, verify that the node displayed in the right panel has the following settings and click Next:
    • System - System0
    • Group - Group0
    • Node Type - DSADSC
  12. In the Select Packages screen, select and add the software packages:
    • All packages except DSC, ClientHandler, BARPortlets, and BARCmdline
  13. Accept the default options for the remaining steps.