16.10 - Installing Teradata Database for VMware for DSU Upgrade - Data Stream Utility

Data Stream Utility Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Utility
August 2017
Make sure you have followed the instructions in Preparing the DSC Repository for Upgrade before starting this procedure.
  1. In the Properties directory, edit the properties file, dsu.IT.properties.json, to provide the following:
    • "vmName": "VMname from TVME14.10"
    • "public_ip": "ip_address from TVME14.10"
  2. Install Teradata Database for VMware using one of these methods:
  3. Check the version of the DSC to verify that it matches the version of the downloaded packages: rpm -q DSC
  4. If the version of the DSC is the same as the version you upgraded on TVME 14.10, skip this step. Otherwise upgrade the DSU software using the same downloaded packages you used on the TVME 14.10 VM. Install the new packages in this order:
    1. Upgrade the DSC. See Installing the DSC Software Package.
    2. Upgrade ClientHandler. See Installing the ClientHandler Software Package.
    3. Upgrade BARCmdline. See Installing the BARCmdline Software Package.
    4. Upgrade BARPortlets. See Installing the BARPortlets Software Package.
  5. Stop all DSA services.
  6. Make sure the 15.11.02 or later repository savesets from the preparing step are accessible to the new VM at the same location (under the same filepath for a file system target group).
  7. If the media server used to back up the savesets from the 15.11.02.xx DSC was installed on TVME 14.10 VM, change the name in the clienthandler.properties file.
    1. Edit /etc/opt/teradata/dsa/clienthandler.properties
    2. Change server.id=<MediaServerName from TVME 14.10>
  8. Run the following commands in BTEQ to drop the BAR and BARBACKUP databases: delete database BAR; drop database BAR; delete database BARBACKUP; drop database BARBACKUP;
  9. Run $DSA_DSC_Root/recoverDSCRepository.sh to recreate the DSC repository.
  10. Start all DSA services to re-establish connection to the DSC repository.
  11. Run DSAPostDeployer.
    1. Unzip and extract the file.
    2. Run modify_dsc_name.sh.
    3. Enter the hostname from TVME 14.10 when asked for the new DSC name.
  12. See Migrating the Data from TVME 14.10.