16.10 - Dependencies - Data Stream Utility

Data Stream Utility Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Data Stream Architecture
Data Stream Utility
August 2017
DSC Server Software Specifications
Software Level
Operating system Teradata SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
This installation media is based on the original Novell installation media and customized by Teradata OS Engineering for installation on Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse systems.
Teradata Database (for the DSC repository) Version 15.10.01.xx or later

Version 15.00.00.xx or later

Teradata JDK package Version 7 (teradata-jdk7)
Teradata ActiveMQ Version 5.13.1 or later
DSAPostAMQ Required to configure Teradata ActiveMQ
The Teradata Managed Server for DSA - DSC Server functionality can reside on a virtual machine (VM) or a managed storage server.
The Relay Services Gateway (RSG) virtual processor is required for DSA installation for both the TPA nodes and the DSA - DSC Server. Configure the RSG virtual processor for your installation, but do not install the RSG package.
Media Server Software Specifications
Software Level
Operating system SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
Teradata JRE Version 7 (Teradata-jre7) is required only if the DSA command line (BARCmdline) is installed on this server
Teradata Managed Server for Storage (TMSS) - R720xd and R730xd Software Specifications
Software Description
nfsserver Manages an NFS environment
A CMIC upgrade to Version 11.06 or later is required.