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Add Statements Options

There are several ways to add statements to an existing workload including:

  • QCD Statements
  • Statement Text
  • Other Workloads
  • The following table explains each option.


    Table 20: Add Statements Option Dialog Box Description 



    QCD Statements

    Query ID
    Query tag

    Enter the Query ID or Query tag of the statement you want to add. Click to browse for existing workloads in the QCD.

    Click Add to List to add the statements.

    SQL Statements

    SQL Statements field

    Enter the SQL statements you want to add to the workload in the field

    Use the Browse button to add statements from a file.

    Use the Frequency box to indicate the frequency of statements within a workload.

    Click Add to add the workloads to the Selected Statements field.

    Click Add to List to add the statements.

    Other Workloads

    Workload Name

    Enter a workload name, or click Browse to get a list of existing workloads

    Statements field

    Shows the statements to be added.

    Click Add to List to add the statements.