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Tools Menu

Use the Tools menu to access different applications while working with Teradata Index Wizard and to set preferences. The following table describes the commands on the Tools menu.


Table 10: Tools Menu Commands and Descriptions 

Menu Command

Sub Menu

Toolbar Button


For More Information

Execute SQL


Executes SQL statements using either Teradata SQL Assistant (separate application) or the Execute SQL - Query dialog box.

“Executing SQL Feature” on page 137

Setup QCD


Opens the Setup QCD dialog box.

“Set Up a Query Capture Database” on page 38

Define Data Source



Defines a data source if ODBC type of connectivity is used.

“Defining a Data Source” on page 36

Teradata System Emulation Tool


Opens Teradata System Emulation Tool.

“Working With Other Teradata Client Tools” on page 139

Teradata Visual Explain


Opens Teradata Visual Explain.

“Working With Other Teradata Client Tools” on page 139

Teradata Statistics Wizard


Opens Teradata Statistics Wizard.

“Working With Other Teradata Client Tools” on page 139

Options >



Set preferences with Teradata Index Wizard.

“Preferences” on page 140

Index Analysis Inputs

Allows you to set certain index analysis inputs.

“Index Analysis Inputs” on page 142