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Command Line Options for Defining a Workload

The list of command line arguments to select the method of defining the workload are given in the following table (all options are case-sensitive).


Table 14: Command Line Options for Defining a Workload 


Command Line Option


Select workload from the QCD

-q <QCDName>

<QCDName> specifies the query capture database name in which the workload is defined or from which the workload must be selected. This option is mandatory.

Specifying the workload name for new workload definition

-w <WorkloadName>

<WorkloadName> is the name of the workload. If it has special characters with respect to the command line, the name must be enclosed within double quotes. This option is mandatory.

Enter the Query ids

-id <qid1> [, <qid2>,…]

<qid1>, <qid2>,… are the query ids to be added for the workload.

Enter the frequency

-fr <freq1> [, <freq2>,…]

<freq1>, <freq2>… are the frequencies corresponding to the query ids. If no frequency is specified for a query id, the frequency is taken as 1. The first frequency corresponds to the first query id.